What is the CMV virus?


CMV is the abbreviation for Cytomegalovirus, and is the most common cause of infection in pregnancy around the world. About 80% of the population in Israel contracted the virus in childhood. The CMV virus does not pose a danger to the majority of the population and in fact can be said to be medically relevant to the fetus during the pregnancy of a woman who contracted the virus shortly before or during pregnancy.


CMV Pregnant - Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection


When a pregnant woman is infected with the CMV virus, there is a risk of infection with the virus. When the pregnant woman contracted the virus for the first time in her life during pregnancy, the risk of fetal injury is higher than non-primary infection. You can read in detail about the difference between primary and non-primary infection at:

 the CMV pregnancies portal


In the past, there was a tendency among many physicians to recommend termination of pregnancies in the initial infection in pregnancy, however, as will be detailed below, the studies show that in most cases of infection with the virus, the fetus will not be infected at all and in the case of fetal infection, most fetus infected with CMV during pregnancy, They will be born perfectly healthy.


In addition, Israeli studies show that it is generally possible to see in the targeted ultrasound surveys the severe vulnerability of the virus and prevent the birth of severely damaged fetuses as a result of fetal infection. You can read in detail about the ultrasound at:

 the CMV pregnancies portal


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